106.1 KMEL

K2 and DC of 106.1 KMEL interviews Team Oakland Digital to speak about the State of Blacks in Technology, Diversity in Tech, the Digital Divide and Digital Literacy Divide. This radio segment features Wayne Sutton (@waynesutton), Shaun Tai (@shaun_tai), Linda Poeng (@lindapoeng), Dan Miller (@danmillersf).

Oakland Digital works to increase digital literacy and opportunity among small business owners, local design students and entrepreneurs. In the 21st century, a constant point of contact between businesses and consumers is through the Internet, mobile devices and other digital avenues. Oakland Digital helps small businesses create new business models that will better reach customers. Through programs and classes we teach community college students how to turn their love for design into promising careers. Oakland Digital bridges the gap between passionate, multicultural business owners and budding design professionals and real world opportunities in a digital savvy age.