Inspire Chinatown, VIA & Shaun Tai

August 3, 2011 — Oakland, CA — Oakland Digital (ODALC) is working with Stanford University’s Volunteers in Asia (VIA) Program to facilitate a volunteer project in Oakland Chinatown conducted by university students from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. This student group will be conducting surveys of small businesses and restaurant owners in the Oakland Chinatown area as well as the neighboring areas August 12-17.

The purpose of these surveys is to gauge the owners’ technological proficiency and comfort level with utilizing the Internet for business purposes, as well as formulating a consensus on the needs and technological deficiencies that the local commercial community has. The surveys will also see which businesses are interested in utilizing a system of security cameras, and what are the reasons prevent these businesses from already installing one. ODALC’s goal is to empower economically disadvantaged communities with Internet education and digital literacy classes.

Located at the edge of Chinatown in downtown Oakland, ODALC is working to help the community flourish through technology, innovation and cross-cultural collaboration. In addition to their Inspire Oakland program, ODALC hosts technology classes for low-income small business owners, presents digital media symposiums, and conducts its annual Inspiration Awards, honoring leaders in technology and community building.