Inspire Oakland

Oakland Digital is searching for an iconic design that answers the questions, ‘What about Oakland inspires you?” Students from all over the Bay Area (and beyond) compete for the chance to have their artwork displayed on billboards, benches, and bus ads. Now entering our 10th year, Oakland Digital provides designers, artists, and early stage Creatives with the opportunity of a lifetime! – Your artwork on billboards all over Oakland… make something iconic! Inspire Oakland 2018 call for design entries due April 26.

Oakland Digital is an award-winning, not-for-profit design studio that provides real-world opportunities for local designers. Through our partnerships with Google, Twitter, and Facebook (to name a few companies), our tech inclusion initiatives inspire at-risk youth to explore career options based on their passions and diversity of life experiences. Since 2009, Oakland Digital has impacted the lives of nearly 4,600 East Bay students, entrepreneurs, and youth. Our programs have boosted the local economy by $4.2 million, leading to opportunities for 21st century employment and economic independence.

Video by BRIDGEGOOD Creative,