Richmond Mayor Tom Butt and Shaun Tai

Discussing the future of work and BRIDGEGOOD Design Studio.



  • Licensed architect and general contractor, owner of Richmond architecture-engineering firm
  • Only City Council member with a Richmond business
  • Has been a Richmond resident since 1973 and children attended public schools
  • Member, Board of Trustees of Richmond’s oldest church
  • Vietnam veteran
  • Masters Degree, Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA
  • 1995-Present Richmond City Council member
  • Former Vice Mayor, 2002-2003
  • My occupation is: Architect

Tom’s Committment
I ¬≠remain committed to the same principles I ran on four years ago by improving the quality of life for Richmond residents making Richmond a livable, healthy, and sustainable community of strong neighborhoods. I will continue to strive for: 

  • A healthy and safe environment
  • A prosperous and diverse economy with all citizens participating in the benefits
  • Continued reduction in crime
  • Clean streets and neighborhoods
  • Well-maintained city infrastructure streets, sewers, sidewalks, parks, and public buildings
  • Efficient, responsive, and open city government
  • Empowered neighborhoods to balance special interests
  • Quality education and recreation for youth

Although there is much hard work remaining, my four years on the City Council I have seen: 

  • Crime diminish
  • The Richmond economy improve
  • Dozens of public-private partnership development projects underway
  • A $1 million grant-funded management efficiency study of city government